Successful Entrepreneur Shares Free Business Tips on Digital Platform


For as long as she can remember, Marlo Nicole Richardson always had an interest in helping people. Today, she stands as the founder and CEO of Business Bullish, a company and digital platform that aims to give free financial literacy programs to anyone who wants to learn anything and everything about business ventures.

Marlo is known for being a dynamic and effective keynote speaker, business advisor, and entrepreneur. She was always ambitious to stand out and aims to bring pride to the black community as she achieves various milestones. Marlo wanted to lead a life that goes beyond the usual nine to five, an extraordinary lifestyle where she can pursue her passion and help people at the same time.

Early on in life, Marlo explored opportunities in charitable organizations, law enforcement, and politics to work on her dreams. Now, Marlo strives hard to become a successful entrepreneur to enjoy the finer things in life. In her journey toward self-development, Marlo embraced the business opportunities that came her way.

Marlo ventured into owning various franchises, restaurants, a home health care agency, a real estate investment company, and an insurance agency. She also went into clothing retail, built a travel agency, a security company, and a production company. Additionally, Marlo also established companies handling distribution, manufacturing, and marketing. On top of Business Bullish, Marlo has also created numerous brands.

Marlo is currently based in the Los Angeles area, where she runs Business Bullish. Simultaneously, she juggles parenting, developing brands, and overseeing her other business ventures. “Services are free as we try to engage the audience by discussing real-life pertinent issues surrounding business and finances,” Marlo said. Her platform comprehensively tackles insights on running and starting businesses. She also discusses how to land successful investments and grow them in the long run.

More and more people every day desire to start businesses but do not necessarily have an idea where they should start. The lack of genuine mentors who would offer their knowledge for free motivated Marlo to start her platform. Business Bullish currently reaches thousands of readers nationwide, and Marlo aims to grow the platform to reach aspiring global entrepreneurs.

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