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My Frugal Savings Techniques

My best frugal saving technique is two fold. First, I use the Acons app to save all of my “loose change”. Since the cashless era has taken over and we tend to use credit and debit cards more often, I have found that this app is much more effective than my cup holder in the car used to be.

Acorns takes all of the spare change after rounding my debit purchases to the nearest dollar and invests it into an aggressive Mutual Fund account. As we know, the amount of interest we stand to get by placing our money into standard bank savings accounts typically tops out at .05 percent. Comparatively speaking, my Acorns account in the last 30-days has given me a return of 9.69 percent interest.

Outside of my “spare change saving method, I have weekly debits transferred into my brokerage account. The brokerage account came equipped with a debit card and, any charge that I make with that card, the spare change from this account searches for stock in that company to invest in.

I’m always seeking ways to make my money work without me doing anything. With an interest rate over 9 percent, I wish I was more frugal.
Marlo Nicole @MsMarloNicole

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